If you’re planning a trip to Paris, there’s no doubt you already have an itinerary planned. It’s possible you researched on the places you shouldn’t miss and the local food you must try. One of the things you must do is to find a great place to stay. Check out these hotels to ensure having an amazing time in the city:

Hotel du Collectionneur

Popular Paris HotelsThis hotel is not only close to several tourist spots, it also offers great service. The rooms are also very spacious and when you enter your bathroom, you’ll observe its one of its best features.

Hotel Viator

Popular Paris HotelsThe staff speaks great English so don’t worry if you don’t speak good French. They’ll be able to assist you with anything you need in Hotel Viator.

Hilton Paris Hotel

Popular Paris HotelsOther than the convenient location, this hotel offers delicious breakfast. There’s no question you’ll be starting your day off with a very nice meal courtesy of their renowned cooks. Also, if you’re in Paris for shopping, this hotel is a great choice because of the many stores that are just nearby.

Hotel Dauphine Saint Germain

Popular Paris HotelsThis hotel is very accessible to some of the city’s top restaurants. Also, no matter what time the day it is, the staff will answer all your needs.

Hotel Recamier

Popular Paris HotelsA hotel that’s just walking distance to several attractions like Notre Dame, the Louvre and the Latin Quarter is Hotel Recamier.

Hotel Le Six

Popular Paris HotelsSix is certainly not the rating you’ll give Hotel Le Six after saying there because it’s a perfect 10! Their rooms are wonderful and very clean. Other than that, they provide extraordinary service.

Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel

Popular Paris HotelsDo you want a great view of the Eiffel tower? No doubt, the best hotel to book is Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel. You’ll even have great breakfast due to the exemplary food they’ll serve.

Intercontinental Paris Le Grand

Popular Paris HotelsIf you want a hotel that’s walking distance to renowned attractions and famed shops then look no further than Intercontinental Paris Le Grand. It’s also a short walk from many famed restaurants.

Hotel Britannique

Popular Paris HotelsTheir exceptional service is what will make you come back in the future. Additionally, the hotel is near tourist spots such as Sainte Chapelle and Notre Dame. Also, it’s near shopping centers. If you’re not familiar with directions, ask their helpful staff to show you the way.

Citadines Les Halles Paris

Popular Paris HotelsThe hotel is just a few meters away from the nearest train station. Hence, you’ll experience an easy time exploring the city. Of course, the city isn’t short for places to explore. Best of all, their rooms are very clean and peaceful. It’s perfect for any family to spend several days at.

Any of these 10 hotels are a great choice for your stay in Paris. Don’t forget to book in advance though because you wouldn’t want to experience coming to the hotel only to find out the place is fully booked. Good thing, you can easily book the hotels online. After that, look ahead to a vacation of a lifetime as the city is known for great food and popular tourist spots.